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Video that keeps your team connected and inspired

If every person has a video camera and editing station in their pocket nowadays, why aren’t more companies using video to communicate more effectively with their team?
Connor Sears July 08, 2020
November 05, 2020

Google Drive Integration

Google Drive integration with Meets sync

Import videos and sync your Google Meets recordings to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your video calls. Learn more →

Vdeo trimmer

Video trimmer

We now give you the ability to trim your videos. This solves a common problem for folks that have minutes of awkward silence at the beginning and end of your meeting recordings. Learn more →

Other feature updates

  • Subscriptions: You can now subscribe to collections that matter to you. You will receive email notifications when new videos are added any collection you’re subscribed to.
  • Auto-subscribe groups: Admins can auto-subscribe groups to collections to help with onboarding their teams. Learn more →

October 05, 2020

Bulk actions

Bulk actions

We’ve added more control over your channel’s video library with bulk actions. You can now update the visibility and add collections to multiple videos at once.

Other updates

  • Reorder collections: Customize your collections list by click dragging to reorder your collections how you see fit.
  • Saving drafts is possible now without publishing the video to your channel right away. Look for the “Save & keep as draft” button.
  • More secure change password flow that requires you to enter you current password before changing it.

September 07, 2020


  • Better video adder allows user to more easily add videos to collections without continuously opening and closing the add video dialog.
  • Simpler video pinning: We’ve made it easier to pin video to the homepage from anywhere. Look for the pin dialog on the channel homepage.
  • Unfurl links in Slack: Now when you paste a Rewatch video link into Slack, it will automatically be expanded to show information about that video.
  • Darkmode support for collection embeds makes your embeds blend in better with your app’s theme.
  • Clearer private video indicator on the video page makes it easier to see when a video is private and what that means for visibility.

August 03, 2020

Slack integration

Slack integration

Our new slack integration lets you send notifications of new videos in Rewatch to any of your team’s Slack channels. Learn more →

Other updates

  • Zoom integration improvements: Member now have the ability to import past meetings.
  • Groups: Admins can now create groups of members and add them to collections more quickly. These groups can also be managed in Okta.
  • Easier access to analytics: A video’s analytics can now be easily accessed directly from the video page.
  • Quick video filtering: The admin screen now allows you to quickly filter based on a simple text search.

July 13, 2020

Member uploads

Member video uploads

Members now have the ability to upload and manage their own videos! This allows teams to work more fluidly all in one place. The new management pages also give each member the ability to easily share videos with their team.

Other updates

  • Automatic subtitles: Every video is given subtitles automatically in addition to the readable tanscript.
  • See who has watched a video: Video analytics pages now show who has seen a video and how much of the video they’ve watched.
  • Upload custom thumbnails: Users can now give each video a custom thumbnail rather than using the generated options.
  • Set the date on a video: Uploading a video a few days later than the event’s date? You can now set the date of any video.
  • Edit transcripts: Transcripts can now be improved manually when errors occur.
  • Clearer encoding progress: Percentages are now soon to give more clarity into the progress of a given video’s ecoding process.
  • Better pagination support: Pages load faster and only show a limited number of videos per page.

July 02, 2020

Introducing Remote

Connor Sears
Running a single slide deck with multiple presenters isn't easy and we thought it was kinda silly that there wasn’t a good way for presenters to advance their slides without saying 'next slide please' over and over.

Read more

June 16, 2020

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

We’ve shipped video analytics! Now, every video comes with its own analytics page that gives you insight into what parts of your video are being watched and the average amount of time people spend watching.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Video and collection embeds: Integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet so you can distribute your video content wherever your team needs it.
  • Secret collections: Create a space inside your channel to organize videos that are only meant for a small, private group of people.
  • Commenting at a timestamp: Annotate your videos and focus each video’s conversation.

May 18, 2020

SAML SSO with Okta

SAML SSO with Okta

Our SAML integration with Okta allows you to more easily manage access to your channel by allowing your team to log in through your existing, secure SSO provider. The integration uses Just-in-Time provisioning so each new member of your channel will have their account provisioned when they sign in for the first time. Learn how to get things set up here.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Sharing videos at a specific timestamp so you never have to tell someone to skip to minute 23 of a video.
  • Help center that documents Rewatch’s features and serves as a helpful quide for running your channel. Check it out at
  • Integrated support chat in the app so you can easily contact us with any questions or issues you might have.

April 29, 2020

New features and improvements

  • Darkmode Each member can set their own preferred appearance in their personal settings.
  • Improved transcription search allow your team to stop wasting time and search keywords directing in any video. Click the timestamp to jump directly to that point in the video.
  • Zoom integration Sync a meeting or webinar ID to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your Zoom calls. You can install the integration from your channel admin settings or from the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Watchlists that integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet and allow you to distribute your video content wherever you need it.
  • Profiles give you a clear view into your organization and what videos each person has uploaded or is tagged in.
  • Likes let your team show support for the videos they find helpful or informative.